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Investors nowadays face a myriad of external pressures. Global Custodian Solutions supports the strategic goals of its qualified members to guide them through the new reality.


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At Global Custodian Solutions, we understand how important it is for investors to have a trusted partner in safeguarding and servicing their assets.

From asset managers and investment firms to high-net-worth individuals and family offices, Global Custodian Solutions is trusted by all nodes of the financial industry.

The expansive custody offering guarantees a safe and segregated haven built with transparency and functionality in mind.

Having a duty of care for clients' financial assets is the foundation of our business. We build upon it to go above and beyond the industry standards and provide value-added services with personalization at the core.

Over the years, this has allowed us to facilitate several multi-billion dollar custodial transactions across multiple jurisdictions for our members.

our approach

In a world of growing complexity, investors find it harder than ever to have their custody needs adequately addressed. In search of solutions, they risk getting farther away from their goals.

Global Custodian Solutions partners with qualified members and their advisors to design bespoke custody services tailored to their unique requirements.

Our strive to continually move up the value chain by focusing on our members' front- and middle-office needs, alongside the proactive and client-centered approach, makes us the one-stop-shop of custody services.

Capitalizing on Global Custodian Solutions' extensive experience, dedication, and first-class service, allows qualified members to maintain their competitive position and focus on what matters the most - the wellbeing and expansion of their business.

our solutions

our solutions

The financial industry is evolving, and so are the needs of high-net-worth individuals, asset managers, family offices, and investment companies. To address them exclusively, we provide a comprehensive set of custodian solutions and tailor-made services.

We tackle top-tier members' operational, regulatory, and risk mitigation challenges by protecting assets through the whole trade cycle - from settlement to safekeeping and tax support.

Our custody offering empowers a seamless and cost-efficient trade settlement. Through the development of customized solutions, we can meet the industry’s stringent requirements and appeal to our members' unique needs. Our technological edge unlocks a plethora of advantages – from simplified delivery and workflow to ensuring the best cut-off times and a universe of reporting options.

For the purpose of regulatory compliance qualified securities are settled or rebooked through our affiliate processing entity Parsimony Limited.

The bedrock of our services is ensuring the members' peace of mind. As a result, we store securities across a robust network of exchanges all across the world. The global footprint allows our members to take advantage of the best hand-picked opportunities on the market.

Global Custodian Solutions' proven track record is a testimony for our members to rest assured that the safekeeping of their securities is guaranteed.

Our custody services are complemented by innovative monitoring and reporting capabilities. The comprehensive notification toolbox covers a broad range of assets, including equities, mortgages, and other loan-backed investments.

The integrated scalable solutions leverage a robust data model that provides our members with easy-to-access deep market insights, transparent intelligence analytics, and timely information about the performance of their portfolio.

Our hands-on approach and reputation are built around the protection of our members' best interests. We offer a comprehensive end-to-end global security class action service covering fixed-income securities and equities across all markets.

Global Custodian Solutions takes care of each step of the process. From data tracking and litigation research to filing and timely payments for our members' claims - all stages are professionally handled by a team of securities class action experts.

Nowadays, investors worldwide are becoming more active in filing claims. By its nature, litigation is outside the course of business-as-usual, making it more challenging for financial institutions to take care of.

Global Custodian Solutions assists qualified members to deal with litigation risk on all fronts. Investment firms can rest assured that their business interests are protected and that they can rely on a safe shelter, even during times of increased complexity and continuously-evolving client demands.

Today, a new regulatory update is issued every 7 minutes somewhere around the world. Global Custodian Solutions helps qualified members seamlessly navigate the dynamic regulatory environment and remain up-to-date with active financial legislation.

As a 21st-century custodian service provider with a global footprint, we combine the traditional "bricks and mortar" of custody with a holistic client service approach to ease our international members on the path towards their goals. To ensure your peace of mind, we provide smart custody solutions in harmony with the compliance landscape in a variety of jurisdictions.

The tax support needs of high-net-worth individuals, investment firms, asset managers, and family offices are all unique and should be treated as such. Partnering with a seasoned custodian with a wealth of experience in tax support services ensures that qualified members' individual needs would be adequately addressed.

Global Custodian Solutions' portfolio of services includes comprehensive tax support based on a personal approach and continuous assistance in navigating the local and international accounting landscape.

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